Aerial Drone Photography Services

Commercial & Industrial Aerial Drone Services for Surveying, Architectural, Construction and Events in Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex & London

Our services now provide commercial aerial drone photography of your event, building inspection, surveys, construction, architectural project, or for your marketing promotions for 4k video footage, individual stills and awesome panoramas.

We can now legally provide for commercial drone operations with the recognized CAA, A2 CofC certificate, including relevant EC785/2004 public liability insurance.

For further information please get in touch.


What do we charge?

Our drone photography work starts from £200 + vat, half day rate, £350 whole day (subject to site locations, mileage etc).

However this may vary depending on the complexity, risk and other limitations of the drone flight.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Where can we fly?

  • In the A2 open category we can fly near people within our safety guidelines.
  • With written approvals from all parties we can fly in residential and commercial areas.
  • We can fly inside buildings and warehouse environments, within our safety management guidelines.

CAA Approved Pilot