Coolers & Condensers

About Company

Coolers & Condensers are an independent, innovative manufacturer of heat exchange products, including:- coolers, condensers, dry air coolers, spiral freezer, heating/cooling coils and housing products. Established in 1984 and with over 20 years knowledge and experience in the industry, the company had a tired and out of date website.

We were commissioned to help create a professional company image and branding, including a full responsive informative company website design which could be edited by the client.

Client Requirements

We were employed to create the following:-

  • Company logo design and branding
  • Website, wordpress, interactive, full client access
  • Photography, onsite machinery & products, and retouching of images

WordPress website, interactive, responsive, optimised, editable by client for updates

Results of our work

Logo design and options for various applications

Office signage

Photography examples

Client Testimonial

I would like to thank Mark for all the hard work in producing our website and corporate identity image, I think everything is excellent, a massive improvement on our original website and we are getting positive feedback from our customers.